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Convert your documents to PDF

  • My PDF Converter is an essential add-on to protect, share and archive important documents.

    It automatically integrates with your system and lets you convert to PDF from any program. Thanks to My PDF Converter you can easily create PDF files from Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, emails, entire web pages, etc.

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  • Unlimited conversions of your files to PDF

    • As easy as 1, 2, 3!

       Click on Print

       Seclect the print function ‘My PDF Converter’

       Click ‘OK’ and its ready!

      Automatically, your file will convert into a PDF

    • Why using My PDF Converter?
      • You can share documents with others without worrying about which operating system or what programs are installed on the PC of the receiver.

      • Compatible with any application that prints.

      • Protect your documents from change.

    • What is a Plug-in?

      • Is a set of software components that adds specific capabilities to a larger software application. For example, a plug-in for Printing such as My PDF Converter adds a new functionality to convert files to PDF.

        License: Free
        Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
        Size: 3.3 Mb

    • Publisher rating

    • 9/10

      • Usability




      • Protect your documents

        Thanks to My PDF Converter no one will be able to modify your documents.

      • Easy document sharing

        The PDF standard format makes you sure that anybody can read your documents, no matter which system or programs he/she uses.

      • Compress your documents

        My PDF Converter helps you reduce the weight of heavy documents such as the ones containing with many images or the very long files.

      • Archive important documents

        Creating PDF files you’ll make sure that the layout of your documents will be as perfect as the original file.

    • Free Download

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